Cialis – what makes it so efficient

Sex is important. That’s just the way us humans were designed. Ever since the first time that Adam saw Eve, sex became such a large part of our daily lives. And just like Adam wanted to please Eve and perform as well as possible, every man today takes pride in his sexual performance and is very concerned when things don’t go smoothly in the bedroom department.

Unfortunately, unlike Adam, modern men have many different things on their mind, and lifestyles that can often negatively impact the way they perform in the bedroom. Advancing age, money or emotional problems, stress, bad diet, alcohol, smoking, hormonal imbalances or plain old performance anxiety can all leave a person performing less than perfect. And obviously, since a majority of men become affected with sexual performance issues at some point of their lives, there have been many attempts to solve the?issue once and for all.

But no matter how many herbs, natural aphrodisiacs or exercises people have tried, the real, effective and reliable cure for erectile dysfunction was elusive for so long – that is, until drugs like Viagra and Cialis have hit the market. To be fair here, Viagra was obviously the first and in some way is still the most well known ED medicine, but it’s not without it’s faults. Side effects, the need to avoid certain foods and alcohol and a relatively short “window of opportunity” have all made Viagra users looking for a better solution. And finally, it is here, and it’s called Cialis.

Cialis is the latest, and in many ways the greatest development in the erectile dysfunction medication market. It’s main advantages over Viagra and other ED drugs is the longer half life (thirty six hours on average, compared to just four or five hours of “action time” provided by Viagra) and almost no side effects.

Erectile dysfunction, or ED for short is a condition that is characterized by a man’s inability to initiate or sustain an erection that is both sufficient in intensity and in duration for a sexually gratifying intercourse to take place. There are many different factors that can lead to the development in ED, even in young, healthy men. In a nutshell, the causes of erectile dysfunction can be hormonal, muscular, arterial or psychological. Some of the most common diseases that can cause erectile dysfunction include Chronic Depression, Diabetes, Arterial and Thrombotic disorders.

Cialis is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction mainly thanks to it’s main active ingredient, which has an unique, inhibiting effect on a enzyme called PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5). When Cialis is ingested and released in the bloodstream, it inhibits the activity of PDE5, which in turn allows for Nitric Oxide and endothelium to be released in the delicate blood vessels of the penile area. These two chemicals are important because without them, the smooth muscles that surround the blood vessels in the penile area cannot relax, which constricts the blood flow and prevents an erection. But once Cialis relaxes these muscles, there’s no barriers that prevent blood-flow, and a healthy, natural erection is once again possible – provided that there’s enough sexual stimulation, of course.

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